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Good Beer, Great Food and Amazing Service

For an excellent country pub and dining experience in Anslow, The Bell Inn is the right choice every time. Our approach is simple: to combine freshly cooked great food, good beer and wonderful wines, with a friendly team of staff committed to providing amazing service. We always look forward to our pub quiz on the first Sunday of every month and live music events on the last Saturday of every month, so make sure you join us for the next one!

What more could you need on a nice summer’s day, than a refreshing drink in our large beer garden and mouthwatering pizza from our pizza oven? In the winter, join us for a drink at the bar, or enjoy some heartwarming, delicious food in our dining area in the picturesque village of Anslow, in Staffordshire.

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The Bell Inn country pub in Anslow, Burton-on-Trent. Visit us for amazing food and great service.

History of The Bell Inn

Our traditional country pub and dining venue in Anslow has a long history of serving good beer and great food. In the 18th century, farmers used to come and meet in the pub to have lunch whenever monks nearby rang the bell of a local farmhouse. And so, The Bell Inn got its name!

Since then, we have made some renovations, but we have made sure The Bell Inn has retained its character and traditional feel all the same. Our cosy seating areas, open fire and picturesque surroundings make The Bell Inn the perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy some great food and drinks.


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Our Story: Introducing Marc and Vicky

After being disappointed by many pub visits being characterised by unreasonable prices and poor service, our owners Marc and Vicky decided to raise the standards, follow their passions, and open a pub of their own. Marc has been in the industry from the age of 18, initially starting out behind the bar, then moving into management and then gaining 25 years of experience as a chef. Meanwhile, Vicky has a background in nursing and has recently starting working in hospitality.

Together, they make the perfect team when it comes to providing delicious food and excellent service, at a great value. Why not come down to The Bell Inn, Anslow and chat to them today?

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The Bell Inn country pub in Anslow, Burton-on-Trent. Great beer garden and live music venue.

Our Friendly Team

Our Chefs

Our skilled and experienced chefs never produce anything less than excellence. In addition to the dishes listed on our menu and our rotating daily specials, our chefs are more than happy to make a different dish. If you are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free or you are simply craving a certain dish, let us know at least a week before your reservation, so our chefs can source any ingredients they need to create a delicious meal especially for you. 

Our Wait Staff

Our welcoming team are always on hand to greet our guests, help wherever possible and to host music, games and events, all year around. We pride ourselves on our amazing service – as long as you are happy, we are happy!

Our Bar Staff

Whether they’re pouring you a pint of good beer, making recommendations for the wine list, or chatting to you about your week, our approachable bar staff love meeting new customers and catching up with old ones.



Country Pub in Anslow. Great food, fresh fish, good beer and wine. Roasted, crispy potatoes.

 A Delicious Dining Experience

All of our food is cooked to order and made from high quality, locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Our fresh fish dishes are second to none, with our fish sourced from the local fishmonger and prepared by our chefs! We also source our meat from the local butcher and it is freshly trimmed in the kitchen by us.

There’s no better country pub and dining venue in Anslow, Staffordshire, when it comes to quality of food, so why not book a table and pop down to The Bell Inn this weekend?

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